An independent, football activism podcast. Race to the Bottom aims to raise questions about the governance and ethics of the game of football. Each week, Joe Harman presents short discussions about activism within the game. Assessing tropes that continue to dominate much of football. Asking questions of how we can stem the ever-widening injustices that permeate throughout. Race to the Bottom interviews activists and campaigners who strive to challenge, change and overcome the many inequalities that still remain in football.

As the exponential growth of football fails to show any signs of slowing down, governing bodies such as FIFA, UEFA and the FA find themselves morally stretched further and further. Wealth  continues to pour into the upper echelons of football, as many other facets of the game struggle to grow. Race to the Bottom was born out of a desire to ensure those voices that cry out for change, that demand for their human rights to be upheld, those activists that make a stand, are given a platform to be heard. race to the bottom football activism.

A Time for Football Activism 

The world’s greatest sport appears resplendent, draped in all its glory. Yet there remains deep levels of discrimination and biases that echo way beyond the stadiums and grassy pitches. Activism in the sport is slowly on the rise, as more groups use social media platforms to gather support and clarity for their messages to be heard. Race to the Bottom strives to spread the stories of hope, activism and social awareness that exist across the landscape of football.

Based in Plymouth, England, Race to the Bottom is the brainchild of Joe Harman. It will remain an independent, advertisement-free,activism-centric, no sponsorship necessary, football podcast. Please subscribe here , or via iTunes and share to all.

Any questions or queries, please contact. @RTTBPodcast @ginolasleftfoot

All music and production is the work of Tetragrammatons who’s work can be found via Soundcloud