Facial Recognition Tech. An interview with Amanda Jacks of Football Supporters’ Trust on privacy and policing.

This week I spoke with Amanda Jacks of @FSA_Faircop . We discuss the recent report that facial recognition technology was used in conjunction with traditional policing methods during the recent Swansea vs Cardiff match.

The topic proves a difficult one to currently assess as little legislation or governance exists to monitor or regulate it’s use. This link from the Home Office gives an overview of the current framework of FRT’s use and highlights the role of South Swales Police trialling live facial recognition ( LFR ) .

Privacy rights organisations such as Liberty and @BigBrotherwatch have campaigned extensively to ensure the rise of invasive data surveillance is limited and monitored. Football fans will need to be aware of the growing possibility that in time, sporting events will testing stations for digital screening.

This is a deep read from BigBrotherWatch’s site regarding Scotland’s use of facial recognition technology which they worked on with Open Rights Group.

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