Episode 2. Iranian women’s fight for Football for all. An interview with OpenStadiums

race to the bottom episode 2 copyIn this month’s episode, the World Cup brings women’s rights into focus, as Iran’s national team garner attention on and off the field. I interview Iranian activist Sarah of @openstadiums  to discuss her campaign to allow women access to stadiums for sporting events in her home country of Iran.



Episode 1: Discussing Wembley’s proposed sale and a tale of two Sterlings.

This month we look at the proposed sale of Wembley stadium and review the media’s portrayal of Raheem Sterling.

How much has the complicated build process of Wembley been a deciding factor in the F.A’s malleable nature towards the prospect of a sale to Fulham F.C and Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan.

In January 2018, Sterling Brown, of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks  was tasered, handcuffed, forced to the ground then released without any charge, over a parking violation. Last week, saw Raheem Sterling, brutally taken apart by factions of the British media, over a tattoo.

Joe reviews these stories and discuss their wider impact on the game.

All files referred to in the eposide are linked below:

2003 Report on public funding for Wembley

2002 England National Stadium Review by Patrick Carter

2001 DCMS Wembey National Stadium Project: Into Injury Time