An interview with #OystonOut Campaign group, Tangerine Knights.

This week, Race to the Bottom talks with @EveorEvie from the Tangerine Knights. We discuss theire #OystonOut Campaign alongside the #Notapennymore movement.

Fan activism is proving to be a powerful and positive model for change. The Tangerine Knights and other protest groups united in the #OystonOut finally have the reality of their club being returned to normality.

After their memorable season in the 2010-2011 Premier League season, Blackpool FC should have seen millions of pounds, passed down throughout the club. Alas, this couldn’t have been further from the truth, as fans saw the money funneled into various Oyston business projects. This was finally addressed by a High Court in November 2018, when a judge ruled Owen Oyston had illegitimately stripped the club of assets.

With the removal of the Oyston family as owners of the club, this weekend’s away fixture to Bristol City, stands to be a momentous day for all Blackpool fans, post #OystonOut. I talk with @EveorEvie about the sacrifices made by fan activists of the club.

Finally, we look at what is next for @KnightTangerine , who have their sights on raising awareness on governance issues that are rife throughout the EFL.


Should you wish to lend your support to @TangerineKnights or @BlackpoolST please follow them thought their Twitter and Facebook links.

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